Modular Ammunition Bag – Standard 50 rounds


Meet “THE MAB”

The MAB is a semi hard, modular ammunition binder covered with ®Endurer 510gsm 100% Cotton Canvas both inside and out.

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The Polyester Woven Elastic used on the inside is a military grade elastic. When folded in the closed position, because of the thickness of the Elastic, your ammunition will never touch another round and as the unit is semi hard it will not fold on itself which means run out will not be an issue. Another benefit, as “THE MAB” seals completely, it provides better temperature insulation than most other solutions.

“THE MAB” is modular, you can arrange your ammunition any way you seem fit. The MAB comes standard with 5 x 10 round ammo strips. The strips will accommodate any cartridge based on 308 Bolt face up to 338 Lapua

Additional ammo strips can be purchased separately. MAB Ammo strips (10 Round)

Available in Olive and Tan

Designed and build in Pretoria, South Africa

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50 rounds