F-TAC Evolve


The F-TAC Evolve is the modern take on rifle carry. Whether on the back of a pick up on a cold winters morning hunt, hunting in mountainous terrain, walking between stages and so so. The bag has been designed so you don’t have to invest in expensive backpack systems. Just use your current favourite backpack and combined with the F-Tac Evolve you are sorted.
Pop in your Legionnaire Empty Chamber Indicator and you get the benefit of having your rifle “bagged” with the ECI still visible for other shooters to observe.


The F-TAC Evolve is a modern-day evolution to the original F-TAC and F-TR Carry systems. The bag has 10mm of thermal insulation and padding on the inside providing protecting to your scope from unintended knocks and bumps. It has 3 adjustable ®YKK clips with 25mm webbing that locks on the side of the Bag. Buckle access has been improved for faster detachment. The single extra wide padded Strap has been designed so the weapon can be carried hands free with the muzzle of the firearm pointing skywards either on the shooters chest or back. Quick access buckle ensures rapid deployment. The bag also as a built-in crown and rain protector that is stowed out of the way when not in use. The F-TAC Evolve also has 2 re-designed side pockets that can now be used to store essential gear such as Binoculars and range finders.
Molly Webbing remains so you can attach items with a carabiner and lots of Velcro for your favourite patch.
Designed and build in Pretoria, South Africa