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    Original – R750.00
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    Tactical – R950.00
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    Paracord preferred colour

    For use with tactical weapon like AR

    Once we have received the order we will send you an invoice which will include shipping cost. As a rule our lead time on orders from payment to delivery to your door is 10 working days.

    Please take time to measure your suppressor accurately as each cover is custom made to ensure best possible fit.

    Suppressor make

    A - Suppressor total Length(mm)

    B - Suppressor Front Angle Length(mm)

    C – Suppressor Rear Angle Length(mm)

    D - Suppressor FLAT Length(mm)

    E – Suppressor Diameter(mm)

    *** VERY IMPORTANT *** In order to ensure your measurements are correct, please double check with the following formula:

    B + D + C = A

    Measurement tips:

    1- Suppressor total length is simple as illustrated above. If your suppressor has a square face and back the two lengths should be the same.
    2- Certain Suppressors have a radius as illustrated above. The effect is that the flat part of the suppressor is shorter that the entire can. This is the suppressor flat length! If not taken into account the cover will not fit correctly.
    3 - Certain suppressors have a distinguishing slant towards the rear. Again, only the Flat part of the suppressor should be measured.
    4 – Diameter is simply the thickness of the suppressor.
    5 - If you suppressor is fitted with a muzzle brake or similar type of device, please allow at least 5mm clearance from the muzzle brake.