We are just two regular guys. We both work for a living, doing the daily grind with about most people out there. We are both happily married and blessed with loving wife’s, Lindi Richardson and Yvette Cronje.
Their support for our mad dream has been unwavering and we would not be were we are now without them! We are also blessed to each have a very lively 4 year old boy. Matthew in my case and Marlo in Louis.
We chose the name “Legionnaire” because it refers to a unit… A functioning unit looking out for one another, irrespective of race or gender, but purely because we are all human and children of GOD. No politics, No Ego’s, Just a passion for a sport we love and trying to make a difference in our own way.
“Fratres in Armis” means Brothers in Arms” a simple term, but often forgotten amongst the shooting community. Whether you compete in IDPA / IPSC / Long Range Hunting / Long Range Shooting / Tactical Style Shooting or just your annual hunting trip once a year. We are all connected through our love for the sport and unity is the only way we will survive going forward!
We manufacture some of the best shooting gear in Africa working with the best local companies around, all of which are available to view via our website!
We support local and we believe in giving shooters in South Africa the opportunity to own world class gear, build, designed and Field Tested by some of the best in the business, giving you the ease of mind to know that whatever you buy, will work!
We are humbled by every single person that supports us and we are grateful to our Lord for being with us on our journey!